US Open tickets

It is quite easy to buy US Open tickets yourselve. Of course it is also possible to get it arranged through organizations. Often the costs are higher because of the fee most organizations ask for getting you the tickets. And of course you have to watch out for fake tickets on the black market! We therefore recommend to buy tickets on the U.S. Open website itself. This way your are assured that your tickets are real.

There are different kind of US Open tennis tickets for sale. Read more about the different tickets on this page and see which ticket stuis you best.

US Open tennis Tickets: Grounds Admission

US Open Ground Admission tickets will give you access to all outside courts of the US Open. IT does not give you acces to the stadiums on Flushing Meadows. But on the outside courts of the US Open there are also plenty of great games to see. In addition, it gives you the freedom to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. It is also the cheapest ticket available for the US Open so that makes it a great option if you’re on a budget. Do you really want to see a particular match? Then go to the court on time because when its full you will not have a seat to watch the game!

US Open tennis tickets Louis Armstrong

The Louis Armstrong stadium is the second stadium of the US Open. Many of the top matches are played here. With Louis Armstrong tickets you have acces to the stadium all day access and a fixed seating. That is as nice as you can walk around or come in later without having to worry about your seats. The tickets are divided into several categories. The closer you want to sit at the court, the more you pay for the tickets.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets

The Arthur Ashe Stadium is the Center Court of the US Open. The top matches are played in this stadium. Would you like to witness Djokovic and Nadal live? Then this is your chance! Tickets for these games are expensive, but you are assured of seeing the best tennis players in the world. You can either get a day ticket for the Arthur Ashe Stadium or buy an evening ticket. Again the tickets close to the court are a lot more expensive. Certainly for the semi-final and final prices can be very high.

Do you want more information about US Open tennis tickets? Take a look at the website of the US Open.

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